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Quick and easy salary and corporate Payment Solutions!

Your One-Stop Corporate Payment Solutions To Cater To Your Financial Needs Through Prepaid Cards And User-Friendly Digital App.

Why Do you need a payroll solution?

We have all the reasons to ease the financial hurdle you face. Our Platform has been designed for corporate payment and salary solutions for the corporate owners out there.

Stable Core

Our core platform can be accessed 24x7 and maintains 99.9% uptime.

Front-end Corporate Portal

A quick and flexible way to perform daily tasks related to employee onboarding and management.

User-friendly Portal

A quick and flexible way to perform daily tasks related to employee onboarding and management.

Secure Transaction Processing

All transactions are approved through a renowned PCI-DSS certified processor, making small business payment processing easier.

Digital App for value-added services

Our companion app provides many services suitable for the cardholders’ personal and family needs.

Users’ Benefits

The cardholders of our Pay Roll solutions, will get the chance to enjoy a convenient option to withdraw their monthly wages from the ATM anytime they want. A faster and simpler way to manage the finance of your firm. You can enjoy the following benefits of getting our services:

How to apply?

Being a business owner, you can easily enjoy our comprehensive and best payment solutions. You can easily reach us. All you have to do is follow the simple process

Sign corporate agreement

Provide company documents

Order cards for individuals

Credit funds


Types of Cards

PayD Card

Our PayD card is perfect for companies to pay their low-income employees in compliance with WPS UAE regulations.

Centiv Card

Our Centiv Card enables companies to switch low-value corporate expenses and reduce cash-handling operations.

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We provide financial services through prepaid cards and user-friendly digital app


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